CODE BLUE Production

CODE BLUE Production founded in Maribor, Slovenia, and Podgorica, Montenegro is platform for 

connecting artists, film makers and audio-visual contents creators on the international scale. Based 

in Slovenia and in Montenegro and with its branches emerging in various countries in Europe its 

goal is artists run production company that will embrace European countries and starting from 

Central and South-Eastern Europe connect them into unique network. 

Focusing in all fields of contemporary arts, performance art, music, visual art, feature, 

documentary, animated films and audio-visual projects CODE BLUE Production implies various 

ways of content preparation, realisation and presentation. It offers production support and different 

possibilities in project making from fund raising to finalization, from project writing to marketing 

and promotional activities, from pre- to post-production. It gains programs from performing and 

visual arts, music, video, media and intermedia arts, literature to be displayed and executed 

in appropriate spaces, galleries, cinemas, theaters, multimedia centers and other venues. It 

organises educational courses, workshops, symposiums, conferences, lectures, public debates 

and cultural and social events to raise popularity of arts, films and audio-visual contents. 

Parallelly CODE BLUE Production takes care of theoretical framework with scientific and 

research inititiatives regarding mentioned topics and consequently on- and off-line media 

publishing, e.g. paper matter (books, brochures, catalogues, leaflets, posters), off-line digital 

material (CD, DVD, BluRay) and on-line content (website, mailing list, newsletter, forum, blog) and 

analogue carriers of information (vinyl records, casettes, tapes). 

Its aim is to cover each step in the production process and with inclusion of its branches in many 

countries and international partners it's creating and supporting active network in the domains of 

arts, films and audio-visual projects. Inclusion of CODE BLUE Production into project means to 

consider many of its services, from conceptual and content writings to strategical and development 

overviews and financial planning within proposed budgets. 

Art and performance art events can be taken to another level with extra activities and documenting, 

audio and video recording and archiving is one part, where second is compiling all material to 

open new dimensions, which can be documentary and semi-documentary films and audio-visual 

projects that accompany the whole programe either as additional media either as part of the 

Gesamtkunstwerk (in installation or performance) either as screening or all. 

Professional attitude and skilled team characterises CODE BLUE Production. Therefore is 

the most important quality of projects taken into realisation. References of involved persons 

confirm such long-time attitude in programation of many important events, art shows, biennales, 

performances, concerts, theoretical essays, symposiums, workshops, lectures, public debates and 

own artistic and curatorial work.

Production companies networks, artists communities and audio-visual projects and film makers 

societies with many other stakeholders in these fields and even more potentially interested to work 

in this area, is our wide terrain of collaboration, where CODE BLUE Production is open to take 

its tasks and jobs and through various activities fulfilling its goals, with the highest possible results 

characterised in high quality end product, being it an art show or performance, installation or film 

screenig, production or project presentation.

Welcome to work with us.